Industrialization need machine to meet the high volume demand and machine needs regular maintenances but in industries like stone crusher plant , thermal power plant, cement plant the real of wear & tear is high and so there is a frequent demand of the mechanical tools equipment and spare parts with production capacity of 1800 mt PM. We play key role in the process of industrialization.


Even since the establishment of PAL ALLOYS & STEEL we have been serving as a backup unit for majority of stone crusher plant of north India to keep them going on, to meet all demands and urgencies at their end. We have contributed to the best of our zeal to maintain the process of production for the socio-economic growth of Industries, the people, and the Nation.


We are more than just the witness to the rapid development (construction of the over-bridge, the flyover, the multistory building, the road, the hospital, and much more all-around we see or go) in the last two decades. We feel proud that we are the cause behind it. We feel immensely cheerful for the number of Industries we are looking after to maintain their production process and by facilitating the spare parts of the various machines to ensure that they keep walking and contributing to the process of development of their region, state, and nation.

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